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Gasdetection and degassing

Gas Area: Nieuwesluisweg 268, Rotterdam-Botlek, Port Number 5049

Container fumigation facilty - Conventional mechanical and fumigation or container possible on our facility-which delivers high quality and low cost solution for fumigated containers.


SUURD GAS CONTROL and BOTLEK WAALHAVEN TERMINAL offer the possibility of a simple and flexible method to measure gas levels in containers and the possibility to degas at the terminal when required.

ALL-IN SERVICE - Waalhaven Botlek Terminal and Gas Control Suurd have developed a very high quality service package that offer significant savings in time and money. With the expertiseof Suurd Gas Control in gas and degassing and terminal experience, customs license and capacity of Waalhaven Botlek Terminal, this combination offers a optimal logistic product. The terminal has a licensed de-gas area for all types of containers and gases.

Suurd Gas Control has been involvedin the fumigation and de-fumigation process for over three generations. Our clients are offered tailor-made solutions, where gas monitoring in the supply chain is integrated without unnecessary delays and costs.

CONTAINERS BY BARGE COLLECTION - Containers can be transported to our terminal by barge for the benefit of the gas measurement. After measuring the gas level in the container or after de-gassing, containers can be picked up by barge or truck. This concept means significant savings on idle trips and/or waiting costs. In addition, it saves over 30 kilometers over the A15 Highway since WBT is located closer to the receiver.

CUSTOMS AFFAIRS - When the container require de-gassing, it is unloaded from chassis and placed in the de-gas area which has a Dutch Customs Entrepot C status. Any required Customs formalities can be taken care of by our inhouse Waalhaven Douane Service. All communication of this goes via Suurd Gas Control.

CONVENTIONAL / MECHANICAL DEGASSING - Containers can be degassed both conventional as mechanical through theSuurd Gas Control system developed D-fumigation. The aluminum gas doors are solid, perfectly sealable and Customs approved. The plant capacity is virtually unlimited. Degassing at WBT is many times faster. Customs approval for opening the container is also provided.

INFORMATION REAL-TIME CUSTOMER - The D-fumigation system informs the customer real time on measurement results, status and progress of the de-gas process.

RESPONSE TIME OF 30 MINUTES - Suurd Gas Control has a response time of about 30 minutes for gas measurements on site throughout entire Rotterdam. Suurd Gas Control has national coverage and is 24/7 with dedicated own staff.

Gas Area: Nieuwesluisweg 268, Rotterdam-Botlek, Port Number 5049 

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Leo van Driel